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Below you will find a selection of five potent money drawing spells to attract prosperity, abundance and of course, cash! Whether you're looking for a spell to secure that new job or need a general money attraction working, these spells are both simple to undertake for the novice and highly effective when you apply your intention.

Gold Coins.

Intention is key to the success of any spell and when undertaking virtually any magickal act. It is important for you to concentrate and visualise your desired outcome as you are carrying out your spell. When undertaking a money spell, stating your intention and concentrating on your ideal results will give the spell ''direction'' so to speak, sending out the message to the universe of what you desire to happen and enabling the spell to manifest itself successfully. Candles, oils and herbs are only one part of a spell, you must supplement their magickal energy with your intention and personal energy in order for the spell as a whole to fulfil its purpose!


Quick and Easy Money Spells

Cord Spell for Good Luck in Business & Career

Performing a cord spell is one of the simplest forms of Magick and can be highly effective. For this spell, you'll only be needing two things; a green cord or ribbon and your intention. While you chant each line, make a knot on the cord and focus on your desired results. There's no need to rush through the spell, take your time and concentrate on attaining your goal with each knot you make in the cord. The cord can then be kept in your wallet, under your bed, in your business or a place of your choosing.

You'll need:

  • A roughly 13-inch green cord or ribbon.


Chant this spell while tying knots in the cord/ribbon:

By knot of one, my spell's begun By knot of two, plenty fruitful work to do By knot of three, money comes to me By knot of four, opportunity knocks at my door By knot of five, my business (or career) thrives By knot of six, this spell is fixed By knot of seven, success is given By knot of eight, increase is great By knot of nine, these things are mine!

Quick Money Incense Spell.

Quick Cash Spell

This money spell is ideal if you need a quick inflow of cash and the ingredients required are those that you may already have at your disposal. Be realistic in the amount that you're asking for, as this spell isn't intended to bring a large amount of cash but rather works best when you need to pay a rent or utility bill, for example. I wouldn't recommend using this particular spell for general attraction as it works best when you have a specific desire in mind.

You'll need:

  • A charcoal disc.

  • Mortar and Pestle.

  • Heatproof dish or bowl.

A pinch of each:

  • Dried Five Finger Grass (Cinquefoil).

  • Dried Basil.

  • Cinnamon Powder.

  • One Bay Leaf.

  • Dried Marjoram.



  1. Place the dried herbs in the mortar and grind them together well until they're well incorporated.

  2. Once this has been done, pray over them with your request. Example: "Please bring me $_ for the __ bill." or you could pray Psalm 65, stating your desire afterward.

  3. Using tongs, light the charcoal disc and place it in the heatproof dish or bowl.

  4. Once the charcoal disk begins to turn grey, add the herbs to the center of the charcoal and allow them to smoulder and burn.

  5. As the incense begins to smoke, wave the smoke towards you while concentrating on your wish and you can continue to repeat your request while doing so. The smoke can also be used bless candles for spiritual workings, a money mojo bag and you can even pass your wallet over the smoke to bless it so that money is never amiss!

  6. Once the incense has burned out, you can discard the remaining pieces.


Money Drawing Spells using Candle Magick

Green Candle Magick for Prosperity.

Money Magnet Spell for Wealth & Prosperity

This is a quick and easy money candle spell intended to attract abundance and material prosperity into your life. You can carry out this spell if you are attempting to draw in wealth in a general sense or even if you have a specific desire, such as when you're short on money for a particular situation or need an influx of cash for a new venture. Like the name of the main ingredient in this spell, it's intended to have you attract prosperity and material wealth like a money magnet!

The ideal day to carry out this spell would be on the day of Jupiter, the King of the Gods within the Roman Pantheon, which would be on a Thursday. It can be repeated as frequently as needed.

Roman Goddess Fortuna.

You'll need:

  • A green taper candle (can be a tealight or pillar candle if you wish).

  • Toothpick.

  • Fire-safe dish or Candle Holder.

  • Money Magnet Oil.


  1. The first step in the process is to carve the candle with your desire. This could be something along the lines of "Attract More Money, Pay Raise, Prosperity, etc.." If you have a specific desire, then be sure to carve exactly what your goal is on the candle.

  2. Once you've carved the green candle with your desire, dress the candle with the spell oil by applying a few drops of a Money Magnet Oil. Rub the candle from the bottom towards the wick while concentrating on your wish and visualising your desired results.

  3. Place the candle on a fire-safe dish or in a candle holder, light it and pray Psalm 23 or say a prayer of intention such as ''I desire to attract more money, prosperity, obtain a pay raise at work, etc..''.

  4. Let the candle burn out and bury the remaining wax or discard it out in natural setting.

Crown of Success Spell for Success in All Matters

King Arthur Crowned.

Crown of Success Oil is a well-known conjure oil in Hoodoo for it's ability to bring success and victory in (almost) any matter. This is an ideal spell if you're looking for a job, desire to be noticed in a competitive workplace or even wish to succeed in your studies. This is a spell oil that can be utilised virtually in any matter or alongside any spell oil. However, it is primarily used in matters of finances, career and studies. The Crown of Success Spell, in my opinion, excels the most when specific matters are in question. An example would be a salesperson working in a competitive environment requiring recognition to succeed or a college student who is struggling with their studies and needs that extra magickal push to succeed.

If you have a specific desire, then this is the ideal good luck spell for you to undertake. Whether you need that extra kick to manifest success in your career or are filling out a job application, this conjure oil is intended to place the Crown of Success on your head.

The ideal day to carry out this spell would be on a Sunday, the day of the Sun. It can be repeated as frequently as needed.

You'll need:

  • A gold or yellow taper candle (can be a tealight or pillar candle if you wish).

  • Toothpick.

  • Fire-safe dish or Candle Holder.

  • Crown of Success Conjure Oil.


  1. Take the candle and carve your desire exactly in short but clear terms with the toothpick, such as "New Job, Success in College, Recognition, Job Promotion, etc..".

  2. Once you've carved your candle with your wish, dress the candle with the oil by apply a few drops of the Crown of Success Conjure Oil. Rub the candle from the bottom towards the wick while concentrating on your wish and focusing on your desired results.

  3. Place the candle on a fire-safe dish or a candle holder, light it and pray Psalm 65 or say a prayer of intention such as ''I will obtain a better job, I will obtain recognition at work, etc...''.

  4. Let the candle burn out and bury the remaining wax or discard it out in natural setting.


Honey Jar Spell for Money, Prosperity & Material Abundance

Money Drawing Hoodoo Honey Jar.

If you read my 7 Easy & Effective Love Spells Blog Post, you might recall that there was a honey jar spell there as well. Honey Jar Spells are incredibly versatile and can be employed in a wide variety of spiritual workings, ranging from love to legal cases. This money drawing spell requires a little more effort and a couple more ingredients than the spells listed above, but honey jar spells are well worth the effort and the intention that you put into them. Honey Jar Spells are common in Hoodoo and folk-magick, considered by some practitioners to be one of the most potent magickal workings to influence and "sweeten" a situation in your favour.

In my opinion, honey jar spells work best when you have a specific request in mind as they are intended to "sweeten" a particular situation and manifest the results to your favour. This spell jar can be used for circumstances such as obtaining a new job, increasing your money inflow, getting more customers to your business and virtually any circumstance that relates to the financial and career side of your life.

Note: Specific amounts aren't listed in the ingredients as this will depend on the bottle size that you utilise and apart from the pennies, amount's aren't too important. The only important thing is to allow enough space in the jar to fill it with honey.

You'll need:

  • A jar (a mason jar is normally used but any bottle will work)

  • Enough honey to fill the jar.

  • A blank piece of paper, brown paper from a bag is commonly used though white works as well.

  • A pen.

  • A green taper candle.

  • Toothpick.

  • 13 Pennies.

  • Uncooked White Rice.

  • A Money Spell Oil, such as Money Magnet Oil or Crown of Success Conjure Oil.

Herbs and Flowers:

You can use any of the following dried herbs and flowers or a combination of all them, though I would recommend to use at least 3 of the one's listed below. This isn't an exhaustive lists of all the herbs and flowers with magickal properties attributed to money, so don't be afraid to use any outside of this list!

  • Rosemary

  • Chamomile

  • Mint

  • Thyme

  • Rose Petals

  • Bay Leaves

  • Cinnamon

  • Basil

  • Cloves

  • Mint or Peppermint

  • Orange Slices

Optional Ingredients:

  • Green Aventurine or Citrine Crystals.

  1. With the piece of paper, you'll draft together your petition to put into the honey jar. This petition details what you desire to happen, working almost as an instruction to the spell. To create the petition paper, firstly write your desire seven times and then rotate the paper 90 degrees, writing your name directly on top of your desire seven times. Your specific wish now needs to be written in a circle all around the crossed words. This should be written in one continuous script with no spaces and you should write this wish without lifting your pen from the paper. Your petition can be something such as ''Come to Me Money'', ''New Job'', ''Promotion'', etc.. Cross the t's and dot the i's at the end, as you don't want to lift the pen from the paper when writing your desire. An example of a petition paper is below. If you mess up, then start over as it should be perfect.

  2. You can now fold the paper to place it in the honey jar. Concentrating and stating your desire continuously, fold the paper towards you and continue folding towards you until it can't fold anymore.

  3. Place the paper at the bottom of the empty jar and starting with the uncooked white rice, begin filling the jar with all the ingredients apart from the honey.

  4. Once the jar has all the required ingredients, fill the jar with the honey and close the lid.

  5. Carve your desire unto the candle and dress it with the spell oil by applying a few drops of the oil, rubbing from bottom of the candle towards the wick while visualising your desire results.

  6. Stick the taper candle on top of the jar by heating the bottom and light the candle.

  7. You can say a small prayer of intention at this time or pray Psalm 65.

  8. Once the candle has burned all the way down, it should be kept in a safe place or ideally, the honey jar should be buried.

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