How to use Magickal Oils | Spell Oils, Ritual Oils, Conjure Oils and Hoodoo Oils


What are Magickal Oils?

The use of Magickal Oils to cure spiritual afflictions or manifest a particular desire is a practice which has been carried forward into the 21st century and its roots can be traced back to a variety of traditions and practices over hundreds of years. We can see formulas and methods for creating spell oils in the written works of old Grimoires or unwritten in the oral passing of knowledge from one generation to the next. Although you'll come across a variety of names when searching for Magickal Oils, such as "Spell Oil", "Conjure Oil", "Anointing Oil" or "Ritual Oil", the intention placed into the creation and the use of the magickal oils will be similar in nature. This isn't to say that all spell oils will have been created to be used in the same way or that they have the same origin, but rather that the nature of all magickal oils and the desire of a magickal effect through the use of a wide variety of ingredients attributed to a particular desire is the same.

Spell Oil, in my personal opinion, is an all encompassing term which can be used for all Magickal Oils and it is the term that you will likely most frequently come across. A spell is an act carried out which is intended to trigger a magickal/metaphysical effect on a person, object or circumstance. The primary purpose behind the use of a Conjure Oil, Wiccan Spell Oil, or a Ritual Oil is to cause a magickal effect in one way or another, whether to enhance the Magick of a circumstance (such as with the use of a Sabbat Ritual Oil) or to pull a more mundane desire closer. When you make use of an oil such as a Protection Spell Oil, you are attempting to manifest a psychic and metaphysical barrier against evil and harm, hence intending to trigger a magickal effect. Just as when you would make use of a Conjure Oil such as Come To Me, you are attempting to attract a specific individual or love in general, putting into motion the magickal act of attraction.

Spell Oils can be created for a multitude of uses and you can find a spell or conjure oil, essentially, for any spiritual affliction or desire that you could have. Whether you wish to attract money and prosperity, keep someone's thoughts on you, or even draw the power of a planet or an element such as with the Fire Elemental Oil within a ritual. The majority of spell oils that you will come across will have been crafted for a particular purpose in mind such as the one's mentioned above and others could be created for the user's particular circumstance by the crafter. Although every circumstance and desire is different, the majority will find their desires met with a spell oil which has a set intention behind it.

When using a spell oil, it's important to concentrate on our goal in using it. Just as we sometimes tell ourselves daily affirmations, think of spell oils as physical affirmations. They enhance our own manifestation and intention; the ingredients with which they have been crafted are intended to enhance and trigger a magickal effect to set into motion our desired results. Need a new job or looking to stand out? Anointing daily with an oil such as the Crown of Success Conjure Oil will clear the blockage and make you shine as the gold within it does! Do you wish for love? A love attraction oil will set the path for that special someone to follow.

Jezebel Spell Oil

What does a spell oil contain?

Ingredients within a spell oil vary greatly depending on the tradition and the beliefs of the practitioner who crafts it, meaning that there is no "right" or "wrong" when it comes to how a spell oil is made. Spell Oils will typically contain a variety of ingredients which include dried herbs and flowers, roots, curios or essential oils contained within a base oil. The majority of spell oils are intended to be worn on the skin so are made with skin-safe ingredients, but it is important to be aware if an oil is meant to be worn or not. Oils such as "Go Away" or Hexing Spell Oils will typically contain ingredients such as cayenne pepper or other irritating components which should NOT be applied on the skin. Normally, this will be made known in an oil's description but it is best to be aware of this!

The ingredients chosen will typically be those which have magickal attributes in line with the desired effects of the oil blend. Such as the use of rose petals within a love spell oil to attract someone or the use of chamomile within a money spell oil to manifest prosperity. Although spell oils do not necessarily have to contain physical herbs, flowers or roots, I believe that there is power within the usage of physical ingredients within an oil and this serves to further enhance the strength of a spell oil; which is why I use select physical components in all of my oils.

Some Terminology:

Spell Oils - A term which can be used interchangeably by the majority of practitioners to describe all oils of magickal use.

Hoodoo Oils - Magickal oils used within the practice of Hoodoo.

Conjure Oils, Condition Oils - Two terms which are primarily used in the practice of Hoodoo but also interchangeably with the one's previously mentioned.

Anointing Oils - This is a general term for oils which can be used on the body.

Dressing Oil - An oil which is used to dress candles, photographs and other objects; the opposite of an anointing oil and typically one that isn't applied to the body, such as a hexing oil.

Ritual Oils - A term used for oils which can be utilised in rituals, hence the name. Also a term which tends to be used interchangeably for all magickal oils as they can all technically be used within rituals.

(By no means a full list of terms, just the most common!)


How to use a Spell Oil, Conjure Oil,

Hoodoo Oil or a Ritual Oil?

There are a variety of ways in which you can use magickal oils; I'll be going over the most common methods below, which can easily be carried out without too much fuss.


Anointing yourself with a spell oil or conjure oil is one of the most effective and simple ways that you can make use of this magickal product. This is a method which I highly recommend to those who make use of one of my own spell oils, as it is one of the quickest ways to use a spell oil and doesn't require too much effort other than concentrating on your goal. Not to mention, it is also an act which can be carried out easily and discreetly if needed, such as when you come into unexpected contact with a love interest. A quick dab of the Come To Me Love Spell Oil behind your ears or on your wrists and you're all set!

This is one of the first methods which I was taught to apply when using a spell oil. Having been brought up in a culture influenced heavily by a belief in folk-magic and witchcraft, the use of spell oils and conjure oils as well as the power they hold, were something that I came to recognise early on. Seeing the use of a spell oil such as an Uncrossing Oil when someone was feeling blocked or cursed to cleanse the psyche or the use of a Money Drawing Conjure Oil when things were tight to help attract prosperity and abundance. The power held within these small oil blends was never to be denied!

Anointing is the application of oil to the body as part of a religious ceremony.

When using a spell oil or a conjure oil, I would recommend anointing the following points of the body. Simply wet your index and middle finger a little with the oil and apply. These are some of the points that the oil can be applied to:

  • Forehead

  • Wrists

  • Hands

  • Bottom of your heels

  • Behind your ears (If your intention is to attract a particular individual or your desire is romantic in nature.)

Whilst you are anointing yourself with a spell oil, be sure to concentrate on your particular desire or to state it out loud. "I desire to attract money and prosperity; I desire to attract __; I will be released from this ___, etc." Intention is key to success and concentrating on your desire while using the oil will only further enhance its effects!

How To Dress and Anoint A Candle With A Spell Oil.


Dressing is similar to anointing, with the difference being that instead of applying an oil to the body, it will be applied to a physical item that connects with your particular desire. Photographs, letters, candles, business cards, personal items of a target, and so on.

Dressing objects of meaning carries the same purpose as that of anointing the body, it is a method of setting your desired effects into motion. If you are looking to attract a specific person, it is one of the most effective ways of using a love spell oil. The procedure is quite simple and similar as if you were anointing the body, the difference being you will be applying the oil to an object. Only a small amount is needed just as if you were anointing; wet your fingers with a small amount of oil and apply. Below is a small example list of items that can be anointed using a spell oil:

  • Mojo Bags and Spell Bags can be dressed with a spell oil which aligns with their purpose in order to feed/charge them and keep their Magick flowing. A love mojo bag could be charged with a love spell oil such as Forget Me Not.

  • Photographs of a particular person if you are intending to attract or seduce them can be dressed by applying a small amount of oil to the edges of the photograph while stating your intention. "I wish to seduce/attract/be in a relationship with ___". The photograph can then be tucked under your mattress or near your bed.

  • Letters - Writing letters to someone has undeniably become a thing of the past but if you don't have a letter, a print of an email or even text messages will work just as well! Dress in the same way as you would a photograph.

  • Candles - More information below!

  • Workspace - A bit difficult if you don't work from home, but a few drops can be rubbed on furniture with an oil such as the Crown of Success.

  • Personal items from a love interest - Think a piece of clothing or even a small object like a pen! Just make sure it is something that belonged them.

  • Objects of magickal significance like Pyrite (which attracts prosperity) can be anointed with a Money Drawing Oil or lodestones can be anointed with a Love Spell Oil and then placed in a red flannel sachet.

  • Jewelry to be worn can also be dressed with a spell oil. If you are attempting to attract someone wealthy for example, you can dab a drop or two of the Jezebel Conjure Oil to a necklace or bracelet before meeting them.

  • Doorways are important magickal symbols. An oil such as the Money Magnet Oil can be used to rub the doorframe and doorknob of the front door to your home or business in order to bring forward prosperity and keep money flowing in.

That should give you some ideas of what kind of items you can dress with a conjure oil or spell oil. This list isn't exhaustive, so apply to what you desire! One additional suggestion would be to apply some of the oil to a print out of a personal affirmation or your own written one, fold and keep close to you.

Quick Note: The term "Anointing" is typically used more frequently for the use of oil on both the body and objects, and is the more recognisable (in my opinion) of the two for everyone. For the educational purpose of this post, however, I have separated them as they technically refer to two different types of ritual application.

Spiritual Bath With Spell Oils and Ritual Oils

Use in Bath Time

An easy one, just add a few drops of the oil blend into your bath! You can even incorporate some fresh flowers or herbs into your bath that link with your desire:

  • Rose petals for love attraction.

  • Chamomile flowers to draw money.

  • Sunflower petals for success.

  • Rosemary/Thyme for protection.

  • Hyssop for uncrossing.

Use for a Spiritual Floor Wash

Simply add about 1/4 of an ounce of your chosen spell oil along with the liquid soap to warm water and that's it! Fresh herbs and flowers that tie in to your desire could also be added as you would for a spiritual bath. If you do choose to add fresh/dried herbs and flowers, the plants should be simmered for around 20 minutes on the stove with a generous amount of water and then strained into the mop bucket. A spell oil can then be added to further strengthen the mixture.

Doors have a strong magickal significance, being the entry and exit points of the home, meaning that the direction in which you mop is important! Doors are both physical and metaphysical entries into your home.

  • When you are attempting to bring something into your life, such as with the use of a Money Drawing Oil, begin at the front door and mop towards the back of the home. This is done to draw the desired results towards you.

  • When you are attempting to remove something from your life, such as with the use of an Uncrossing Spell Oil, begin mopping from the back door and move towards the front door. This is done to push the unwanted energy out of your home.

While you mop your home with the mixture, concentrate and if possible state your desire out loud repeatedly as you do it. An example would be: "I wish to bring abundance, a new job, a new cashflow" or "I wish to get rid of all negative and stagnant energy that lurks in my home". Remember, intention is key to manifestation and it is important to visualise your goal in any magickal act!

Candle Spells Using Spell Oils and Conjure Oils.

Use in Candle Magick, Rituals or Spells

The last method that we'll be going over is the use of spell oils in candle magick. One of the best methods to employ when using a spell oil is by incorporating it into a candle spell. A spell or conjure oil can be used in a candle spell by dressing the candle with the oil in a particular way and therefore conditioning the candle to a particular purpose.

The method that I will be going over is a simple candle spell that can be used pretty much with any spell oil or conjure oil that you have. You only need three things to carry out this simple candle spell and that is, of course, a candle with the colour of your choosing, a spell oil and the most important thing of all, intention!

Below is a small list of different candle colours which are most commonly used with spell oils and their associations as well as some of my own suggested spell oils. White candles represent purification and cleansing, but can used as a substitute for any colour candle. If you don't have a taper candle, a tea light candle would work just as well.

Candle Colour Correspondences:

  • Pink Candle: Love, Romance, Attraction and Friendship. Ideal for any spell where a romantic effect is required and an oil such as Come to Me or Forget Me Not can be used.

  • Red Candle: Passion, Desire, Persuasion and Control. Ideal for an oil such as Jezebel Spell Oil or Come Get Me.

  • Green Candle: Money, Luck, Prosperity and Material Growth. Use an oil such as the Money Magnet Conjure Oil.

  • Gold Candle: Success, Manifestation, Happiness and Vitality. Use when attempting to achieve a particular venture with the Crown of Success oil.

  • Black Candle: Uncrossing, Protection, Purification and the Removal of Negative Energy. Use with a Protection Spell Oil or an Uncrossing Spell Oil.

  • Orange Candle: Creativity, Inspiration, Communication and Road Opener. Use with a Fire Elemental Spell Oil.

  • Silver Candle: Prophetic Dreams, Psychic Development and Intuition. Use with the Water Elemental Spell Oil.

  • Blue Candle: Healing, Renewal, Peace of Mind and Concentration. Use with the Air Elemental Spell Oil.

  • Brown Candle: Stability, Grounding and Inner Growth. Ideal for Earth Elemental Oil.

Knowing the colour of the candle that you will use in your candle spell, I'd recommend carving your intention with a toothpick into the candle such as "Success, New Job, Protection, etc." or the name of a target. Once you have carved the candle, it's time to apply the oil. Just as with all magickal acts, the way that you apply and dress the candle with the spell oil should be in a particular manner:

  • When you are attempting to attract or bring something towards you, apply a few drops of the oil and rub the candle from the bottom pulling towards the wick.

  • When you are attempting to leave something behind or push something away from you, apply the oil and rub the candle from the wick out towards the end.

It's important to concentrate on your intention and visualise the desired results! Repeating your desire, whether mentally or out loud, will send your spell "on its way". Once the candle has been coated with the spell oil, it can be lit and a prayer should be said over it. The prayer can be an individual one, something as simple as "I desire___" will work or as it's done within Hoodoo, a Psalm can be prayed which aligns with the intention of the working. Psalm 65, for example, could be prayed when a working of money and prosperity is done.


There is one consistent factor that you might notice within all the methods mentioned above and that is the need to concentrate on your goal and visualise your desired effects when using any spell oil. When it comes to any spiritual working, whether that be using a spell oil or carrying out a ritual, intention is everything! We must, in a sense, make the universe aware of our desires and the magickal effect that we wish to trigger through concentrating on our desires and focusing our energy. Carrying out a working without thought or care could lead to undesired results or no results at all. If you don't ask, you won't receive!