What is a Mojo Bag?

Updated: Jan 20

In their most rudimentary sense, Mojo Bag's are small, fabric or leather sachets which contain within them a variety of unique ingredients that align with a particular purpose. The Mojo Bag acts essentially as a spell or amulet to manifest the carrier's specific desire and goal. Although a Mojo Bag can be compared to a spell or charm bag, it shouldn't be confused or thought to be the same, as there are some respectable differences between the two.

Mojo Bag's stem from the art of Hoodoo. Although this potent little amulet is commonly known as a "Mojo Bag", it is also known as a gris gris, nation sack, conjure bag, root bag, trick bag and also as a prayer in a bag. The word "Mojo" is said to come the West African word "Mojuba" which means prayer. "Prayer in a bag", I find to be, the most suitable phrase to explain what a Mojo bag is. The Mojo Bag is the physical representation of a prayer or a wish. It contains within it a variety of herbs, roots and curios to strengthen that prayer or spell in order to reach the desired results from the petitioner. Each ingredient within a Mojo Bag would have been selected by the crafter or practitioner to pull together the force of that spell and bring forth the necessary results. The Spirit within the Mojo Bag is created using the particular set of ingredients chosen and is brought to life by the crafter.

There are no rules or set guidelines as to how a Mojo Bag is created, this will vary greatly from one crafter to the next but there are some similarities which one can find. Mojo Bag's contain a selection of dried herbs, curios and roots as well as occasionally petition papers (written spells or sigils), personal items such as fingernails or bodily fluids, or animal parts. No one way of creating a Mojo Bag is stronger than the other nor is there specific ingredients that a Mojo bag must contain. Coins, tokens or signs of significant meaning can also be found within or outside of a Mojo Bag. Personally, I use a particular sign on the front of the Mojo Bag representing it's usage and to add to its power. Such as a horseshoe, lucky charm for my Money Mojo Bag. Horseshoes have long been associated with good luck and prosperity, hence my usage for the Money Mojo Bag. Colours and numbers can also be of significance to the creation of a Mojo Bag, such as the number of ingredients which a Mojo Bag contains or the colour of the fabric used. I am partial to the usage of such correspondences when crafting the Mojo Bag as I feel that it further enhances their power and purpose. Red sachet to attract love or to maintain a current relationship, green to attract all manner of good luck and money, and blue to provide protection against spiritual harm such as the evil eye and negative influences.

As I mentioned earlier, a Spell Bag and a Mojo Bag are not two in the same. One of the main differences between a Mojo Bag and a Spell Bag is that a Mojo Bag is considered to be a "living spirit" whereas a Spell Bag is not given the same consideration. The Mojo Bag is crafted using ingredients as previously mentioned and "fixed" by the practitioner in order to bring it to life. The crafter gives the Mojo bag the breath of life through fixing and feeding it upon its creation. The method will, again, vary from one to another and can normally involve the recitation of prayer's, passing it through incense smoke or anointing.

The Spirit within the Mojo Bag is thought to develop a relationship with the carrier in order to better align with their goals, which is why, it is essential to keep the Mojo Bag on you. The Mojo should be kept on your person for at least the first seven days, in my opinion. It is carried for this period in order for the Mojo Bag to bond with your desires and align with your intentions. After the seven day period, it can be kept next to your bed or somewhere hidden when not in use but should still be carried on your person as often as possible. Though there is an important note to make here. The Mojo Bag should NOT be seen or touched by any other individual apart from the carrier. You don't want someone else's energy residue to be left on your Mojo Bag and impeding its success. If this does happen, recharging the Mojo Bag with the methods listed below should be done ASAP.

In order to keep the Spirit within the Mojo bag in power, it is necessary to pray over the Mojo and feed (recharge) it on a regular basis. There are various ways in which a Mojo Bag can be fed.

  • One of the most common and effective ways in feeding the Mojo Bag is through the use of an intention oil or attraction oil which aligns with the goal of the Mojo Bag. If you are attempting to attract a particular person or simply attract a new potential partner, the Come to Me Love Spell Oil can be used to feed a Love Mojo Bag on a regular basis to ensure the most potent results. The carrier would rub a bit of the oils on their fingers and anoint the Mojo Bag while concentrating or speaking the desire. The Mojo Bag does not need to be soaked in the oil but a few drops will suffice, on a weekly or biweekly basis.

  • Incense smoke can also be used by passing the Mojo Bag over the smoke. I would recommend using an incense which aligns with your Mojo Bag's intention.

  • A cologne, such as Florida Water, can be used to refresh the Mojo Bag's energy.

  • I would also recommend the prayer of a specific Psalm while using one of the above methods to further strengthen the Mojo Bag's goal and results. Psalm 65, for example, can be used in matters of money and can be prayed over the Money Mojo Bag while concentrating on your specific desire.

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list of methods. Rather, they are my tried and true methods in feeding a Mojo Bag.

I hope I have been able to shed a bit of light into what a Mojo Bag is and it's usage within this post.

I will make a small disclaimer, this is by no means a full account of a Mojo Bag's history or usage but rather is a concise description to the Novice.

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